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Words of director

In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we strive to constantly broaden our offer of accommodations as well as services. We thank you for your high evaluation of our services until now and invite you to join us and try out our world of comfort, health, well-being and luxury.

We are here to fulfil your wishes and expectations.

Mateja Krajnc
director of the GH Donat Superior

Hotel tour

The Grand hotel Donat Superior is located in the heart of Rogaška Slatina, known in Europe mostly for the unique healing properties of natural mineral water called Donat, which is rich in magnesium.


01 Casino

02 Adivina – home fashion

03 Grand marinewear – sports fashion

04 Pool caffe – cafe

05 Opera – fashion clothing

06 Zlatarna Celje – jewelry & watches

07 Step medico

08 Renato Angi – italian fashion

09 Art gallery Donat

10 S.D.S – italian fashion

11 Green coast – sailing fashion

12 Hairdresser Melani

13 Boutique IFT – fashion clothig

14 Biliard