We make you feel extraordinary


Facial care
Well-groomed skin protects the face from negative environmental influences and the consequent...
Physical activity frees the mind and is a prerequisite for perfect physical...
Body care
By choosing the right body treatment your skin will be cleansed and vitalized, the unaesthetic...
Swimming pools
Water gives your body an optimal support. While swimming, body weight and muscle stress spread evenly.
The center of any massage is the touch, which doesn't affect the skin only, but the muscles...
Sauna helps to strengthen the immune system and has a positive impact on health.

We recommend that you book wanted services at the Wellness centre of Grand hotel Donat Superior, a few days before the desired date.

Cancellation of ordered services is possible at least 4 hours before the execution, otherwise you will be charged 50 % of the basic price.

Please inform us about your health problems and constraints, as this is the only way to advise you properly.

We are here for you every day of the year, Monday through Sunday. Our opening hours are:

Swimming pool: 8am – 20pm
Sauna: 15pm – 20pm
Fitness: 8am – 20pm

Wellness: 8am – 20pm

Floor plan

01 Fitness

02 Private

03 Entrance to pool

04 Information desk

05 Entrance to saunas

06 Lobby

07 Wardrobe

08 Women toilets

09 Men toilets

10 Private

11 Private

12 Thermopack/undulation

13 Thermopack/floating

14 Massage room 1

15 Massage/care room

16 Bath

17 Massage room 5

18 Massage room 6

19 Private SPA

20 Massage room 3

21 Massage room 4

22 Private

23 Ayurveda room

24 Thai massage room

25 Thai massage room

26 Thai massage room

27 Solarium

28 Toilets

29 Mani/pedicure room